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Hello! I'm Kevin Smith and I write code, develop libraries, and build incredible apps & websites.

Quick Facts

🚹 He/Him/His
🇨🇦 British Columbia, Canada
🎂 September 19th
🙋‍♂️ 6'5"
💬 English, French
🧔‍♂️ Yes
💻 Javascript, PHP, C#, RegEx, & more
🎲 Retro Games, Electronics, Writing, D&D
Communities & Services Hosted
🌎 Mastodon, Minecraft, Discord Bots, & more
Favourite Games
👾 SMB 3, Wind Waker, Portal, GTFO

How to Get In Touch

Why not Facebook/Twitter?

For completeness' sake, I do have accounts on Twitter/X and Facebook, but my profiles there are minimal and/or protected. Both of these platforms have recently lacked acceptable moderation, demonstrated problematic views torward data privacy, and have become actively hostile towards their users. I've kept these accounts out of necessity, both to aid clients, and protect my idenity from account name hijacking.

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Apps & Websites

Like most developers, I've worked on teams and under contract on many of these projects. Ultimately, I can't claim sole ownership of everything presented here, but these projects are ones that I have made significant contributions to (and in many cases still provide development and maintenance services for).

Screenshot of the MyWardrobe homepage Icon representing MyWardrobe



Buy & sell quality used clothing, and keep clothes out of the landfill.

Screenshot of the SitDog homepage Icon representing SitDog

Sit Dog

Under Development

Keep an eye on your dog while you shop or dine.

Screenshot of the Beautifi homepage Icon representing Beautifi



Connecting patients and cosmetic surgeons, and provides financing.

Screenshot of the Brick Click homepage Icon representing Brick Click

Brick Click


A full retail and e-commerce management solution with real-time tracking.

Screenshot of the Nonni Properties homepage Icon representing Nonni Properties

Nonni Property Group


People focused real-estate investment, development, and management.

Screenshot of the Allergic Living Magazine homepage Icon representing the Allergic Living Magazine

Allergic Living Magazine


Quarterly magazine with the latest stories, research and recipes for people with allergies.

Screenshot of the Bamfield Marine Science Centre homepage Icon representing the Bamfield Marine Science Centre

Bamfield Marine Sciences Center


Provides education, programs, and resources about costal marine sciences.


Libraries & FOSS

  • Ring Cache

    Simple library for caching a limited number of values and dropping them to make space once the limit is reached based on a variety of different criteria.

    NPM GitHub
  • Canada Post Client

    A library to make working with the Canada Post API a little bit easier.

    NPM GitHub
  • WhiteRabbit Bot for Discord

    A multi-purpose bot originally made to track timezones of server members, but now includes dice rolling and TTRPG functions.


And this is just the start! I have quite a few more projects and ideas in the works, and I'll try and keep this updated as I have things to post and share!

About Me

I'm a multi-discipline full-stack developer who's been focused on getting the most out of modern web technologies. But just developing a website, library, or piece of software isn't enough— It's essential to understand the end-users, and properly take into account how a site, app, or technology will affect them. People have a right to privacy, and making software inclusive and accessible should always be an essential part of the development process.

I also believe in free and open-source software. Working together I believe we can make lives better for everyone, including disadvantaged or persecuted groups, people with disabilities, and society as a whole. The possiblities are limitless and the potential is there for computers and the internet to keep changing our lives in incredibly positive ways.

Somehow this mindset has led me to several incredible communities, that I've worked to improve and expand. Discord, and Mastodon are just a couple, but in the past I've been a part of and hosted Minecraft servers, forums, game development clubs, and more. This has let me connect with people from all over the world and expand my knowledge and skills.

In my free time, I enjoy collecting and playing retro games, and trying to make them shine on modern equipment. I'm an aspiring writer, and I wrote a novel for NaNoWriMo 2014 (it unfortunately still needs to be heavily edited, and hasn't been published). I share my home in New Westminster, BC with a fantastic partner, and two adorable cats, and enjoy the usual perks of being a resident of British Columbia such as biking, hiking, swimming, and exploring everything that Vancouver and our province has to offer.